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Delegate Responsibilities

Neighborhood Representative Responsiblities
Purpose: This is a volunteer position responsible for acting as a liason between the Sweetwater neighborhood and the Community Assocation (CA). 

Term: The Neighborhood Representative is elected by residents of the community for a one-year term, beginning in December of each year and carrying through November of the following year. The resident that receives the second greatest amount of votes for the neighborhood is elected as the Alternate Neighborhood Representative. 

A Neighborhood Representative cannot miss two consecutive meetings without advance notice to the HOA. The Representative must be active within his/her community; unexplained complaints from neighborhood residents and failure to meet the attendance requirement may lead to the Neighborhood Representative being replaced prior to the annual election. If a Neighborhood Representative is unable to serve the remainder of their term, thereby creating a vacancy, a replacement may be selected by the Board to serve the remainder of the term. The Alternate Neighborhood Delegate will vote or participate in the event the Neighborhood Delegate is unable to attend or is asked to resign.


1. Neighborhood Representatives are expected to attend quarterly meetings and the Annual Meeting of the Voting Representatives of the Sweetwater Master Community, Inc. (Neighborhood Representatives may send an alternate if he/she cannot attend.)

2. Neighborhood Representatives are encouraged to share and remind residents in their communities of compliant behavior per the HOA Community Manual (DCCR).  Communication tools include email, personal contact, phone and/or neighborhood meetings and events. 

3. Neighborhood Representatives may also serve on the community Activities Committee and/or solicit representation from their respective neighborhoods.

4. Neighborhood Representatives should facilitate the success of neighborhood-level activities and events, such as Block Parties and Crime Watch.

Position Qualifications: 

1. Time and ability to attend quarterly Neighborhood Representative Meetings and provide subsequent communication to and from neighborhood residents. More than 2 consecutive missed meetings may prompt a search for a replacement. 

2. Strong oral and/or written communications skills are important. 

3. Some experience on a Home Owner's Association or volunteer Board is recommended.