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Neighborhood Delegates


Electronic Neighborhood Voting for Representative is now Closed. The results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting on November 15th, 2018.

Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood Delegates Responsibilities

2018-2019 Neighborhood Delegates

Neighborhood 1
Rep: Warren Chirhart
Bruce McGraw
Neighborhood 2
Rep: Greg Short Alt:Karen Shultz
Neighborhood 3
Rep: Suzi Nelson No Alternate
Neighborhood 4
Rep: Pamela Jay Rosemary Borthwick
Neighborhood 5
Rep:Sharon Francz Alt: David Wylie
Neighborhood 6
Rep: Mary Beth Pellegrino
No Alternate
Neighborhood 7
Rep: Christopher Haydostian Vincent Porti
Neighborhood 8
Rep: No Alternate


 This map of Sweetwater represents an artist's conception of proposed development and existing sections.  No warranties or representations, expressed or implied, concerning the final intended use, design or proposed improvements is made herein. Commercial uses may include, but not be limited to, service centers, retail centers, office buildings, professional buildings and high density residential. All plans for land use or facilities use are subject to change without notice and nothing presented on this map shall obligate the owner or any other entity, public or private, to construct or develop facilities as shown.