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Sweetwater Community Manager, Tom O'Grady

New Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Phone: 737.717.0305


Lifestyle Coordinator, Shelly Livingston

Phone: 737.802.4533



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Community Reminders

HOA Assessment Increase

Notices have been sent out to all residents regarding the 2020 change in HOA Assessment Increase from $175.00 to $190.00 quarterly . Coupons have been ordered/mailed to all owners not setup for ACH draft. Owners set up on ACH draft have been notified via post card with the new rate.

If you have your account set up on ACH already be sure to go in and change the amount to be automatically withdrawn to the new amount of $190.00. This will avoid any penalties if not paid in full, and on time.


The Overlook Club is now open for all residents to enjoy.

The final internet hard line has been installed.

The password is sweet123, this is the same password for the Clubhouse.

If your key fob is not working for The Overlook Club, please send a message by clicking here.

Please help to take care of your Overlook Club by keeping it picked up after you use it, and return the games to the shelf's in the kitchen.


Sweetwater Helpful Tips

December Landscaping

Winter is the time to start preparing for spring and if you can't wait to get back to doing yard work, don't worry. This is an ideal time for many tasks that will help ensure success in your landscape in the upcoming season.

Automatic irrigation systems for homeowners can be shut off for the season as long as it continues to rain. Be sure to water about 10-15 minutes every couple of weeks if there is no significant rainfall. Plants and turf still require minimal water during the winter months. If you don't intend to utilize your irrigation system, be sure to run it for 3-5 minutes once a month to keep it in working order and to check for leaks or breaks. Remember to water according to current water rules as set by your water supplier.

Winter is the best time of the year for pruning of Oak trees to prevent possible spread of Oak wilt. Remove deadwood, crossing branches, and raise canopies as needed. Use pruning paint on all cuts greater than 1" in diameter. Complete all tree pruning before the trees come out of dormancy.

Ornamental Beds
Cut back perennials to about 2"- 4" above the ground after the second hard freeze of the year. Removing dead wood from some perennials before the last freeze may remove the last line of defense the plant has from frost damage. Cut back ornamental grasses to 10" - 12" above ground.

Fertilize ornamental beds with balanced slow release fertilizer. Look for a Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium ratio of 1-1-1.

Deadhead (Pinch blooms off) winter annuals such as Snapdragons, Pansies, Dianthus, and Cyclamen. Fertilize winter annuals with a high Phosphorus fertilizer to keep the bloom cycle going.

Minimize broadleaf weeds using weed controls or hand pull weeds such as Dandelion and Clover. Pre-emergent herbicides applied in February will be more effective if the turf areas are free of weeds. Please try to refrain from using "weed and feed" products as they have been known to have an adverse effect on trees. Begin cleaning up leaves and debris in shrub beds in preparation for February pre-emergent herbicide applications.

After shrub beds are free of weeds and debris, apply pre-emergent herbicide, now and again in February, to minimize weed seed germination. Add enough new bark mulch to maintain a 2" - 3" depth in February or March. (Note: If your property has Live Oak Trees, you might wait until the trees have finished shedding their old leaves to avoid raking/blowing new mulch away).

For now, make sure to keep the leaves and "winter" debris cleaned up. Do not allow your turf to suffocate under excessive amounts of leaves. This can cause dead areas in your turf. Start planning now for renovation of your lawn if it didn't survive the drought. You may want to consider more drought tolerant grasses and plants. Spring is the perfect time to aerate and fertilize your lawn. Used in conjunction with a balanced conventional fertilizer, or an even application of organic compost, core aeration may be the best thing you can do for your lawn in any season.




If you are not receiving the eBlasts/Newsletter

please respond here:

with your name(s), email address(s) and phone number(s)



The Overlook Club

The Overlook Club and Pools are open for

all residents of Sweetwater.

The WIFI Password is: sweet123

If your fob does not work please contact to amenityaccess@goodwintx.com.

Friendly Reminder – the Overlook Club Amenity is a Common Area and not for rent.

At no time can Sweetwater Residents be excluded

from sharing access to the Amenity.


The Overlook Club

This is a shared amenity. There are no party, events,

or meetings to be held at the Overlook Club.

Amenity reservation are made for the Clubhouse,

Events Lawn, and Pavilion for parties, events, meetings, etc. at

17921 Sweetwater Club Circle.

On SweetwaterLife.com go to Calendar, then the Amenities Reservation Calendar to select the dates(s)/time you would like to rent the areas. Contact the Sweetwater Community Manager, Tom O’Grady at SweetwaterManager@goodwintx.com , or Lifestyle Coordinator, Shelly Livingston at SweetwaterLifestyle@goodwintx.com for assistance, and to complete all necessary rental agreements.


If you would like to join the

Sweetwater Events Committee

please contact Shelly Livingston, Lifestyle Coordinator

by clicking here.


The Sweetwater Community Voice

for November and December 2019

can be read by following this link here.


Kids and their parents are welcome to come enjoy

a reading and learning session.

The Bookmobile van will also be on-site for

those looking to check out books,

you can sign up for a library card,

return books, and check out more books!

FALL Schedule 2019:

December 11


December 7th in the Sweetwater Clubhouse.

Shop for holiday gifts!

Bring your friends, and family!

Get your ticket when you enter

you could win - Door Prize Drawings!

Vendors include: Peach Clothing, Golf Clothing, LULU, Paper & Grain handmade wood items, illustrations & designs. Rodan & Fields, Starstuff Travel by Johna, Momma Method, Perfectly Posh, Mae & Me, Spicewood Saucy SauceWorks, 31 Bags & Accessories, Little Hollow Jewelery, Zuri Styles Purses & Accessories, Mary & Martha, Jennifer Starafer - jewelry, purses, Outdoor Wear, Pampered Chef, Par-Tee Wines, Serasana, Camp Gladiator, State Farm Insurance/David Wiley, Tudor Doctor/Michelle Smallwood, Edward Jones/Tony Stough, Sanova Dermatology, LuvBraces & Kids Dental, Mary Kay Cosmetics/Anitra Torns, VIK Complete Care, Highland Lakes Canine Rescue, Time Knot Forgotten Photography/Lisa Wolniewitz, F45 Training, Spicewood Food Co., Heart and Sold Austin/Chadwin Barley.


RSVP HERE with the number of children in your family (for cookie count).

You do not need to reply again if you have RSVP'd on Facebook.

RSVP deadline is December 13th.


View their website here


Call 512.387.8000, or go online by clicking here.


Visit us our website here

North location 512.502.5000, West location: 512.614.6491


12400 Hwy 71, Ste. 505, In the same strip as HEB



Kiddie Academy is open and accepting children.

Stop in, or visit us online here



15801 Highway 71
Building 1, Suite 100
Bee Cave, TX 78738



Learn how the tutor doctor can help your child/children

learn in the comfort of their own home.

Click here for website


If you are interested in joining Sweetwater Book Club,

please contact:

Crystal King cgking03@gmail.com

She will place your name on the email list, and give you information

on where/when they meet.


Offers Classes

at Sweetwater

M & W classes at 6:30 pm

M,T,TH - Classes

5:00am & 6:15am




We are always interested in promoting your business to our homeowners. Becoming a Sponsor is simple, and an affordable way to place an ad that is seen repeatedly.

We invite you to be active in our community events by hosting, and/or participating.

Please contact the Sweetwater Office, or email SweetwaterLifestyle@goodwintx.com for more details about Sponsorship packages that are available to you. Shelly Livingston, Lifestyle Coordinator

Sweetwater Welcomes

Our Newest Sponsor:


2300 Lohmans Spur, Suite 122
Austin, TX 78734
United States


Visit beansprout Pediatrics - Spicewood website here


830.201.4654 call, or Text

Visit merry maids website here


Visit Highland Lakes Canine Rescue's website here


Time Knot Forgotten

Photography, LLC

Lisa Wolniewitz



Visit VIK COMPLETE CARE'S website here


Visit Prostar Water, Inc. website of Dripping Springs here


Visit The Spicewood Food Company's website here


Visit The Tutor Doctor's website here


Click here to visit Electronic Avenue ACRO's website


Visit Lake Travis Tennis Association's webpage here


15801 TX 71 , BEE CAVE, TX 78738

Visit ARC-Bee Cave website here


Visit Camp Gladiator's website here


Visit Residential Design Services website here

Visit Tony Stough with Edward Jones webiste here


Visit The Musicians Woodshed here


UT Professor of Finance,

Lewis Spellman author of

Visit Professor Spellman's website here


Dimension Pools & Outdoor Living
(512) 522-5958
4819 R.O. Dr #101A
Spicewood, TX 78669


Click here for Cooper Waddill's website


Click here to see KLA Schools of Sweetwater's website


Click here Spicewood Vet Clinic website.


Visit Anitra Torns - Mary Kay website here


Best in Class Education Bee Cave
12400 State Highway 71, Suite 505
Bee Cave, Texas 78738


Click here to visit Kiddie Academy's website


Click here for SANOVA Dermatolgy - Bee Cave


Click here to see SUNPOWER by Freedom Solar


Click here to view LUVbraces website


Click here to view The Hills website


5200 Electric Ave
Spicewood, TX 78669

(512) 264-9663

Click here to visit Camp Bow Wow's website


Click here for Corrective Muscle Solutions website


Click here for Serasana Bee Cave website


Click here for David Wylie Agency website


Click here for BaylorScott & White's

Lakeway website


Click here to go to Impact Health Lab's website


Efforts by SAFER 71 have brought

down the speed limit on Hwy. 71 from

Bee Cave to the Pedernales River.

Sweetwater Residents Driven to

Create a Safer Highway 71

White ribbons wrapped on trees and streets around the
Sweetwater neighborhood during November served as a
reminder of the tragic loss of a beloved resident. Members of
the newly mobilized Safer 71 organization want to ensure
this tragedy is not in vain.

Safer71 is a non-profit comprised of residents of
Sweetwater and surrounding neighborhoods. The group
aims to achieve a zero-fatality road corridor on SH71 between
Southwest Parkway and the Blanco County Line. This stretch
of highway has seen 20 auto-collision deaths and
128 serious injuries since 2014.

Working with municipal and county governments, traffic
jurisdictions, and local neighborhoods, Safer 71 aims to provide
the necessary research, advocacy and outreach programs to
ensure that SH71 becomes a road that people can feel safe
driving on every day. Their charter focuses on a comprehensive
approach to the problems: Engineering,
Enforcement and Education.
Safer71 asks that you join the effort by supporting, promoting
or volunteering with its efforts. Visit www.safer71.org to learn
more, stay informed on how you can help create a safer
community for all residents and travelers on Highway 71.


Trails of Sweetwater

If you love to walk the trails at Sweetwater and you

have photos that you would like to share

please send them to:


Please Note: There is some construction

work being done on the Trailhead
where you enter the Dog Park.
It is closed at this time.
While exploring our community
and its surroundings.
Please make sure that everyone remains
on the defined trails. Please remember that all
construction areas are strictly prohibited for
liability and/or safety reasons.






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